Junior Hockey
Yarra Valley Hockey Club

The club has a strong network of volunteers who support the club in its sporting, social and logistic endeavours. New club members and parents are strongly encouraged to become involved by volunteering in some capacity. There are many jobs to be done.

The Junior Committee consists of:

  • Junior Secretary - a member of the Executive Committee as well as running the Junior Committee.
  • Age Group Coordinators for U10, U12, U14, U16, U18 - coordinate the team managers, oversee registrations for the Club and Sporting Pulse.
  • Junior webmaster.

As well as the Committee, there are several other Club roles, many of which would benefit from extra support, or need a dedicated person to help.

Team roles:

  • Coach - attends training and games. Usually a Senior player, an experienced parent, or an experienced and more mature junior player. If you are interested in Coaching, click here for more information.
  • Team manager - organises the players so that match days run without a hitch. It's a job that can be shared between two people.
    Main responsibilities:
    • Support the coach generally for a well organised unit
    • Maintain the scorebook (with both umpire signatures and correct score on the score sheet), and enter scores into SportsDesq for Hockey Victoria records
    • Communicate with parents about matches and training
    • Confirm/organise umpires for matches
    • Provide the match ball at beginning of home game matches, and collect it on finish of the match
    • Have first aid kit available at training and match days
    • Ensure players wear the necessary protective gear: mouthguards and shin pads
    • Collate voting slips for the best and fairest award, if required by the coach
    • Oversee conduct of players/parents (as per Code of Conduct), if needed
  • Parent liaison (preferably not the team manager) - supports the team manager and rallies parents to support social and fundraising events.

Other roles:

  • Coach mentor & coordinator - to work with the junior coaches; help them improve, provide support, look into available resources, identify new coaches as needed and ensure coaches are meeting club expectations. No hockey background needed but maybe junior coaching in another sport would help
  • Goalkeeper network coordinator - to run a network for our Club's junior goalies, including organising goalie training and training with senior goalies, distribute goalie information, set up buddies for new junior goalies where older goalies give a hand to new goalies with getting kitted up, playing questions, etc.
  • Goalkeeper coach
  • Goalkeeper/equipment manager - to organise our equipment: look at what we have and order what we need... keep things running smoothly
  • Umpire Coordinator - to recruit, assemble and maintain the list of umpires available to Yarra teams. This person liaises with the umpire trainer, age coordinators and managers and disseminates information about umpires across the club. The other key responsibility is to identify umpire training resources online, HV, clinics, otherwise and let Club people know. This person does not organise umpires for the teams, but makes the teams aware of the available YVHC umpiring resources.
  • Umpire Trainer - a person to train and certify umpire candidates according to Hockey Victoria regulations. The Umpire Coordinator may recruit new umpires and then advise the Umpire Trainer who can confirm a match where they mentor or grade the candidate, and when ready, observe the candidate for badging.
  • First aid kit manager
  • Uniform manager
  • Registrar / data coordinator
  • Policy manager (eg team manager handbook updates)
  • Grant assistance writer
  • Newsletter editor
  • Tigers rep team coordinator
  • Player transfer manager