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Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 season was one of mixed success. The 45D's held their own, but due to the pandemic and lockdown's the season was brought to a halt after only ten rounds and then eventually abandoned.

Summer 2021/22

This year, following the easing of restrictions and community sport being allowed, the Masters will be playing a slightly different type of competition in conjunction with Doncaster HC. Teams will be a blend of Doncaster HC and Yarra Valley HC players, so we will be able to get to know and play with new players from Doncaser.

The teams will be colour coded, so there was no "Yarra" or no "Doncaster" teams. It will be run over ten rounds from November 2021 to February/March 2023, with the emphasis being on the social aspect of the game. Pizza or sausage sizzle nights will be held during the season.

It was such a success when it was run in the 2019/20 summer season, that it is likely to be run using the same format for the 2021/22 season. It is open to both male and female masters who are 30+ age qualified, so please consider playing this coming summer.

For all enquiries relating to Masters hockey at YVHC, please contact Andrew Howell.

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