Policies & Conduct
Yarra Valley Hockey Club

The following policies have been adopted by the Board.

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Social inclusion is about making sure everyone is able to participate as valued, respected and contributing members of society. It is also about the acceptance and equal treatment of members of the wider community regardless of their gender, gender identity, sexuality, age, disability, religious or cultural background, or other attributes that may lead to people feeling excluded or isolated. Yarra Valley Hockey Club fully supports Hockey Victoria's position on the inclusion of all people and adopts the Hockey Victoria Inclusion Policy.

Details of the Club's current Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador can be found on the Contact Us page.

Member Protection Policy

Yarra Valley Hockey Club endorses the Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy. YVHC members agree to be governed by this policy upon registration each season. Details of the Club's current Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) can be found on the Contact Us page.

What is an MPIO?

They help ensure relevant policies and procedures are clear and accessible when they are most needed by those endeavouring to resolve issues or concerns in sport.

The role of a MPIO is to:

  1. Be the first point of contact (usually) when unfair treatment occurs
  2. Listens to the problem
  3. Be impartial, confidential & non-directive
  4. Provide information on complaint handling options (e.g.; next step)
  5. Be a support person
  6. Be familiar with club polices & procedures

 Please contact feel free to contact them to discuss any issues you feel need addressing in relation to disputes or disagreements with other players, coaches or any other member of the Club.    


Yarra Valley Hockey Club has adopted the HV Child protection policy. It can be downloaded here

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